SCR Catalyst

Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst products are a cost effective way to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions when used in conjunction with an ammonia or urea-based reducing agent. The emission of nitrogen oxide compounds has long been the focus of health professionals and regulatory agencies worldwide. In many locations, regulations require stringent reductions of NOx levels for new equipment installations and retrofit of existing installations. Whether your concern is gas turbine exhaust, lean burn engines, industrial boilers, process heaters or other process streams, our robust SCR catalyst products are the right choice to meet your NOx reduction target.

Formulated and manufactured for high efficiency and durability, our base-metal formulations are available on both ceramic and metal honeycomb substrate. SCR catalyst products are supplied in modules that, if desired, can be pre-assembled in a panel for quick installation and removal, or shipped loose in rectangular, square or round shapes for packaging by others.

If your need is a retrofit or replacement charge of catalyst, rest assured our engineers will provide the custom design to meet your specific needs. Each SCR catalyst product is specifically designed and manufactured to meet our customer's requirements. We use the highest quality metal and ceramic honeycomb substrate coupled with application-specific washcoats and catalyst coatings for high efficiency, poison resistance and low pressure drop.


Each SCR catalyst product is specifically formulated, designed and manufactured to meet our customer's requirements. We help you maximize your reduction of NOx emissions while providing a cost effective solution.


When utilizing our metal honeycomb substrate, our products will provide the lowest possible pressure drop when compared to ceramic substrate or competitive designs. Lower pressure drop means higher system efficiency and better overall performance.


Our base-metal SCR formulations provide high NOx destruction at medium range operating temperatures. High activity, poison resistant formulations means reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions with less catalyst volume - less volume means lower capital cost. NOx reductions over 90% are common and in some applications over 98% reduction can be achieved.


By using a modular design and, if applicable, custom engineered panels, catalyst installation and removal is quick and easy, saving on labour cost and process downtime.


Proven wash coats and SCR catalyst coatings allow us to provide the most durable product for your application. Our products will provide a long life and tolerate aggressive process conditions allowing extended intervals between product replacement.

Typical NOx Sources

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust
  • Lean-burn Gas
  • Process Heaters
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Industrial Processes
  • Incinerators & Process Ovens

Typical SCR Modules

Common Applications

  • Power Generation
  • Co generation
  • Nitric Acid Production
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Pumping Stations
  • Marine Power Units